Document camera accessories allow you to make the most of your device during a presentation. Accessories like cases and microscope adapters also make storage or looking at specialized objects easier. Some accessories work directly with a document camera system while others interface with the computers or projectors attached to the camera.

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Elmo 1368 Pen for CRB-2 Interactive Writing Tool


Elmo Connect Box for MX-1 Visual Presenter (Box Only)

The Connect Box for MX-1 Visual Presenter from Elmo adds HDMI and RGB video outputs to the MX-1 document camera (not included). This expansion module features one HDMI and one RGB output. Like the MX-1, the Connect Box has a switchable 50/60 Hz flicker-correction function. A DC power cable, MX-1 connector cable, and two AC adapters (110V and 220V) are included with the Connect Box.

Elmo CRB-2 Interactive Writing Tool

The CRB-2 Interactive Writing Tool turns any surface into an interactive display for a fraction of the cost of traditional electronic whiteboards. Simply attach the sensor bar above a television monitor, projector screen, or even onto an empty wall, and transform any room into an interactive workspace. The interactive pen allows you to draw, highlight, erase, annotate, and more. Connect your favorite ELMO document camera to the CRB-2 system and capture images or record videos while annotating your presentation.

Elmo Interactive Communication Box (ICB)

The ELMO Interactive Communication Box (ICB) allows you to view the ELMO document camera image on any tablet wirelessly. With the ELMO Interactive Toolbox (EIT) Software, your tablet will act as a portable Interactive Whiteboard to annotate on, manipulate and save content.

Elmo MX Writing Board

The Elmo MX Writing Board is a dry-erase board that attaches to the Elmo MX-1 and MX-P document cameras and provides a surface to write on under the lens. The matte surface reduces glare and supports standard dry-erase markers.

Recordex SC5ZMA Microscope Adapter for SC5z & SC5z Duet Document Cameras

The Recordex USA SC5ZMA Microscope Adapter allows you to attach the Simplicity Cam 5 SC5z or SC5z Duet Document Cameras to a microscope.

WolfVision 100303 External IR-Receiver for VZ-C6, VZ-C3D and EYE-14

Extension cable for all ceiling cameras mounted in the ceiling, but still need to be controlled via the IR remote control.

WolfVision 101700 Working Plate for EYE-14 (inclined)

Working plate in crystalline white for perfect reproduction of transparencies and reflecting material like photos or glossy brochures. The working plate is 12° inclined in order to avoid reflections.

WolfVision 102026A Visualizer VZ-8.UHD Version A (HDMI)

The VZ-8.UHD is a native 4K UHD Visualizer system. It combines crystal clear on-screen images, a touchscreen control and preview monitor, plus 4K recording and streaming functionality, together with newly designed optical and electronic systems.

WolfVision 102247 vSolution Meeting Pack for Cynap Pure Pro

Optional package to upgrade functionality of Cynap Pure Pro to display meeting details as well as playback of attached files (license key only)