Smart boards are large touch screen devices that are designed to replace traditional whiteboards and chalkboards in most educational and office scenarios. As with any other device, there are a variety of accessories available that make interaction with the device easier and increase productivity.

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QOMO QPad 3RF Instructor Wireless Instructor Remote


QOMO QPad 3RF Student Response Pad


QOMO QPad 9RF Instructor QRF 900 Teacher Remote


QOMO QRF 900 Student Remote


QOMO QRF300 Wireless USB Receiver


Qomo QRF312 Response System – 12 Student Remotes


Qomo QRF324 Response System – 24 Student Remotes


QOMO QRF332 RF Classic Pack (32)


QOMO QRF500 Class Pack for 12 Students


QOMO QRF500 Class Pack for 24 Students


QOMO QRF500 Class Pack for 32 Students


QOMO QRF500 Instructor Remote


QOMO QRF500 Radio-Frequency Receiver


QOMO QRF500 Response Remote


QOMO QRF900 RF Wireless USB Receiver


QOMO QRF912 RF Classic Pack (12)


QOMO QRF924 RF Classic Pack (24)


QOMO QRF932 RF Classic Pack (32)


Viewsonic ID1330 ViewBoard Pen Display


Viewsonic ID1655 ViewBoard Touch Display


Viewsonic ID2455 ViewBoard Touch Display


Viewsonic STND-042-BC1 Bar Code Reader Holder


Viewsonic STND-042-CC1 Credit Card Reader Holder


Viewsonic STND-042-CS1 Charging Shelf