A golf simulator allows golf to be played on a graphically or photographically simulated driving range or golf course, usually in an indoor setting. It is a technical system used by some golfers to continue their sport regardless of weather and time of day in converted premises. Golf simulators require a short throw projector to provide the golf image on the target screen.

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Optoma GT1080HDR 3800lm Full HD Short Throw Gaming Projector


BenQ MW632ST 3200lm WXGA Short Throw Projector


BenQ LU935ST WUXGA Laser Projector with 5500 Lumens & Short Throw Lens (Black)


BenQ LU710 4000-Lumen WUXGA Laser DLP Projector


Optoma W319ST 4000-Lumen WXGA Short-Throw Classroom & Conference Room DLP Projector


BenQ TH671ST Full HD DLP Home Theater Projector


Optoma ZH406ST 4200-Lumen Full HD Short-Throw Laser DLP Projector


Optoma EH412ST 4000-Lumen Full HD Short-Throw DLP Projector


Viewsonic PX706HD 3500lm Full HD Short Throw DLP Projector


Panasonic PT-VZ580U 5000lm WUXGA LCD Projector


BenQ LU951ST 5000lm WUXGA Short-Throw Laser Projector


Optoma ZU720TST 7000 Lumens Laser Short Throw Projector


Viewsonic LS750WU 5000lm WUXGA DLP Laser Projector


Epson Pro L1060UNL Laser Projector 6000Lumens WUXGA No Lens White

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Optoma EH200ST 3000-Lumen Full HD 3D Short-Throw Multimedia DLP Projector


BenQ LW820ST 4000lm WXGA Short-Throw Laser Projector