Bullet Train AC-BTSSF-10KUHD-60-MP 60 Meter AOC Active Optical Cable w/ 48Gbps Optics & Cleerline SSF Fiber Inside, CL2/3, Plenum, UL (196.85 FT) QTY 5

60 Meter AOC Active Optical Cable w/ 48Gbps Optics & Cleerline SSF Fiber Inside, CL2/3, Plenum, UL (196.85 FT)–QTY 5


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60 Meter AOC Active Optical Cable w/ 48Gbps Optics & Cleerline SSF Fiber Inside, CL2/3, Plenum, UL (196.85 FT)–QTY 5

All HDMI cables are not created equal. Bullet Train has developed HDMI 2.1 cables built for mission critical environments where stability is key. By delivering data over Cleerline SSF fiber optics alongside copper wire, Bullet Train AOC Cables deliver 48Gbps and a high frame rate signal with much lower latency – up to 20% less than a passive copper HDMI cable. These cables are ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) Certified, the name to trust in picture quality and calibration. Tried and tested, and fully CMP/Plenum rated, Bullet Train cables are highly engineered to be a long lasting part of any audio/video system. ALL ABOARD.

Active Optical Cables (AOC) function similar to an HDMI Extender, meaning they feature both a Transmitter (Source) Head and a Receiver (Display) Head. Because Active Cables have additional circuitry, they require additional power. Bullet Train AOC Cables use the 50mA of power provided by an HDMI Port. Some HDMI Ports may not provide the necessary amperage to operate an HDMI Head; for this, an additional 5V USB dongle may be required to provide supplemental amperage for the AOC Head.

​Once you have an AOC cable you also have 4 Cleerline SSF Fiber optic. These cables can be used for years to come, Even when the HDMI technology is outdated! This Fiber is ready for over 100Gbps!
Step 1: Run cable
Step 2: Use cable for years
Step 3: Ten years down the line, cut off the end of the cable and you have 4 terminable OM2 Fiber Optic Cables.
Using any termination kit you can now use these Fiber strands for Data, A/V, Control, Telephone, or any signal that runs over fiber!

With this new format of HDMI we are able to reach data rates not seen before, this allows us to not only double the highest Frame Rates seen on HDMI of 60 frames-per-second (FPS) to 120 FPS, but push it even further allowing some resolutions to push the signal to 240 (FPS) bringing all of us closer to Human Vision on screen.

This HDMI cable supports a Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), which becomes extremely important as we push the limit of frames per second. VRR allows the display to match the speed at which frames are traveling through the HDMI cable. This ensures the timing at these extremely minuscule measurements are displayed accurately and efficiently.

The devil is in the details…that rings true for resolution more than any other feature. Advancing resolution from 4K to 8k and beyond to 10K pushes the limit of what is capable in screen technology. This HDMI cable can handle signals with many more pixels than previously thought possible, we can now account for 44,236,800 pixels on screen at the same time!

Bullet Train cabling comes from a family of HDMI Testing and Display Calibration, which is why we can offer Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) certification on every single cable we sell. ISF is a leader in scientifically accurate display coloring, when you run a signal through this HDMI cable you are seeing the vibrant colors the content was mastered in.

48Gbps, 120 fps/hz
CMP Cable Rating
4K, 5K, 8K and 10K
10 & 12-bit
UL Listed
In-Wall Rated
ARC (5-60M Cables)
HDMI 2.1
eARC (5-20M Cables)
Low Latency
HDCP 2.2
HD Resolutions
3D Signals
VESA Resolutions
HDR (High Dynamic Range)
Dolby Vision
7.1 Audio, Dolby Audio (including Atmos), DTS Audio

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