Da-Lite 34594 113″ Tensioned Advantage Ceiling Recessed Electric Screen 113d Dm



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The Tensioned Advantage® ceiling recessed electric screen series is designed with ceiling trim in place, to conceal the rough opening eliminating the need to complete additional trim work once the screen is installed. Its two-stage installation option affords the screen case to be installed during the rough-in construction stage, and the screen surface assembly during the finishing stage. Sliding installation brackets allow mounting flexibility for easy attachment of the screen housing to the structure above the drop ceiling. Tensioned Advantage with SightLine™ Da-Lite’s new cable drop feature, SightLine, available with the tried-and-true Tensioned Advantage (up to 177″ Diagonal 16:9 and up to 182″ Diagonal 16:10) electric screen, gives the impression of a floating screen. A suspension system in its single roller design features 3 or 4 thin cables eliminating the need for black drop – the black border above the projection screen. While the market is accustomed to specifying drop distance upon ordering, now vertical placement of the screen can be variable as the cables accommodate a range of drop distances up to 70″ (standard) or 10′ (option) between the ceiling and the top of the screen – making ordering a snap. What’s more, this feature creates usable space above the viewing area to preserve architectural interests and provides the opportunity for camera/speaker placement. Enhanced aesthetics, painless ordering, smooth installation and future proofing for height adjustability – this is the fine line between status quo and jaw drop. 21:9 Ultrawide Format The Tensioned Advantage with SightLine is now available in 21:9 Ultrawide Format part numbers. Ultrawide format is quickly becoming the standard for displaying hybrid video conferencing solutions, where all attendees, whether they are in person or virtual, are equitably seen and heard.

Standard Low Voltage Control (LVC) and available optional controls allows screen operation flexibility
UL Plenum rated case
White powder-coated case for a clean aesthetic
Decora-style, three-button wall switch
All sizes standard with 12” of black drop except for Parallax Pure which is standard with 2”
Smooth Roll Technology to keep your screen perfectly flat
TruGuide™ Electric Screen Tensioning System provides optimal viewing surface smoothness
Standard black backing retains projected brightness on front projection surfaces
Seamless surfaces in all models
SightLine cable drop models include 70″ (standard) of drop. Optional 10′ drop should be indicated on complete screen order by adding part no. DL16476. See 10′ SightLine Cable Drop Option page for ordering details.
NOTE: The Tensioned Advantage Series with Parallax Pure will look visibly different when compared to Da-Lite vinyl screen surfaces due to the unique micro-layered, high-grade lens system of Parallax Pure. While it may exhibit slight waves, it is optically flat under projection, and the waves will not be visible.

The Tensioned Advantage Series website product pages were recently consolidated. Learn more about these user enhancements here. Are you searching for the former naming conventions for reference? See the former and new product names in the table below.

Tensioned Advantage Series
Former Name NEW Name
Tensioned Advantage Deluxe Electrol Tensioned Advantage (With Closure Door)
Tensioned Advantage Electrol Tensioned Advantage
Tensioned Large Advantage Deluxe Electrol Tensioned Advantage (Over 14′ W with Closure Door)
Tensioned Large Advantage Electrol Tensioned Advantage (Over 14′ W)

Additional information

Weight 158 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 130 × 10 in
Diagonal (in.)



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