Sharp Replacement Remote Control

Replacement remote for NP-MC372X/MC382W, NP-ME402X/ME372W/ME382U, NP-MC453X/MC423W, NP-ME453X/ME423W/ME403U, NP-P506QL, NP-P525WL/P525UL/P605UL, NP-PE455WL/PE455UL


GTIN: 805736071375 SKU RMT-PJ39 Category


The Replacement Remote Control from NEC is compatible with NP-MC372X, NP-MC372X-R, NP-MC382W, NP-MC382W-R, NP-ME372W, NP-ME372W-R, NP-ME382U, NP-ME382U-R, NP-ME402X, NP-ME402X-R, NP-P525UL, NP-P525UL-R, NP-P525WL, NP-P525WL-R, NP-P605UL, NP-P605UL-R, NP-PE455UL, NP-PE455UL-R, NP-PE455WL, and NP-PE455WL-R NEC projectors. The infrared signal operates by line-of-sight up to a distance of about 22′ and within a 60° angle of the remote sensor on the projector cabinet.

NEC RMT-PJ39 Specs
Connection Type IR
IR Operating Angle 60°
Wireless Range 22′ / 6.7 m
Dimensions 4 x 4 x 9″ / 10.16 x 10.16 x 22.86 cm
Weight 1 lb / 0.45 kg

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 9 in


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