Peerless NT752 75″ Neptune Shade Series 4k Hdr Outdoor Tv with Tilt Mount



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The Neptune™ Shade Series Outdoor TV is an all-season solution for outdoor entertainment and living, brought to you by Peerless-AV®. This outdoor TV is all weather rated, maintenance-free, and has an operating temperature range of -22°F to 122°F (-30°C to 50°C). With 4K resolution and an IPS panel, Neptune meets the full UHD specifications, providing exceptional color and video quality from any viewing angle. The input compartment and built-in IR repeater provide safe storage and IR control for small video equipment. A FREE Outdoor Tilting TV Wall Mount ($199 USD value) is included with every purchase to provide a secure installation. Whether you want an outdoor TV on your backyard patio or under the gazebo, quality outdoor entertainment is now a reality with Neptune.

Choose between 55″, 65″, or 75″ TV sizes. Click below to purchase a Neptune™ Shade Series Outdoor TV from your preferred retailer!

HDR Panel Technology
High Dynamic Range (HDR) offers brighter highlights with more contrast, resulting in deeper, richer colors and a more realistic, natural image.

Enjoy exceptional color and video quality right in your backyard with a Neptune™ Shade Series Outdoor TV!

IPS Panel
The TV is equipped with an IPS panel, which provides excellent color performance and consistency when being viewed from different angles.

The Neptune™ Shade Series Outdoor TVs deliver 178° viewing angles, to be precise, so you can watch the game from different areas of your backyard oasis without missing a play.

Operating Temperature Range: -22°F to 122°F (-30°C – 50°C)
The Neptune™ Shade Series Outdoor TV is designed to withstand fluctuating outdoor temperatures, from winter to summer.

This TV an all-season solution for the ultimate outdoor entertainment experience, for you and your family. Now, all you have to worry about is what movie to watch.

Sealed Cable Entry
The Neptune™ Shade Series Outdoor TV is designed with a sealed cable entry point to maintain the weatherproof rating.

When installed correctly, the sealed cable entry protects 3rd party devices, such as SMART TV streaming devices, inside the input compartment from rain, dirt, dust, and insects.

freePATH Technology™ Input Compartment Cover
Outdoor TVs need to stand up to the outdoor elements which is why the exterior of the TV is made of metal. Normally, metal weakens WiFi signals. To combat any WiFi interruptions when streaming from a SMART TV device, we developed the freePATH Technology™ input compartment cover.

This exclusive product feature includes an input compartment cover with an integrated composite portion that optimizes wireless signals to penetrate for connectivity and control of 3rd party devices inside the input compartment. Simply plug in your SMART device and start streaming, just like you would with an indoor TV!

Outdoor IR Learning Remote Control
The included Outdoor IR Learning Remote allows for up to two additional 3rd party devices to be learned and controlled.

This gives you full access to control 3rd party device(s), such as a SMART TV streaming device, directly from the weatherproof remote control. Using the outdoor rated remote alleviates any worry about potentially damaging your 3rd party device’s indoor rated IR remote control.

Built-In IR Repeater
The included built-in IR repeater accessory allows you to control any IR device (ex: SMART TV streaming device) that is installed in the input compartment of the TV OR a device that is installed away from the TV* (ex: media player, Bluetooth device, set top box).

*If needed, IR Repeater can be extended to reach desired 3rd party device.

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