Pure Resonance Audio PRA-MX9 MX9 9 Channel Rack Mount Mixer with Bluetooth and Effects

MX9 9 Channel Rack Mount Mixer with Bluetooth and Effects


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The Pure Resonance Audio MX9 redefines the rack mount audio mixer, offering versatile mixing, effects, and control of 9 mixing channels, all conveniently packaged in a space-saving 3U chassis. This rack-mounted mixer provides a wide range of inputs with the ability to adapt to virtually any audio source. The MX9 features an onboard 24-bit DSP effects processor, allowing users to quickly and easily add a range of effects to their mixes with simple channel operation. In addition, the generously equipped 9-channel rack mount mixer includes a media player with a display screen that supports Bluetooth audio streaming, MP3, and USB. Featuring an extensive connectivity range for true versatility and professional sound quality, the MX9 is perfect for both fixed installations and mobile rigs.

Powerful and professional quality analog mixer in a compact 3U rack mount design featuring high-quality components with maximum flexibility.

9 channels consisting of 7 balanced input interfaces with 48V phantom power and 2 unbalanced mono and stereo inputs, as well as Tape In and recording inputs and outputs and an additional set of front panel Tape In inputs.

2 sets of stereo main outputs, 2 groups of auxiliary outputs, and a separate headphone output on the front panel.

Media player with display screen features Bluetooth audio streaming, MP3, USB with sound card function, and USB computer recording.

Built-in 24-bit DSP effects processor allows users to quickly and easily add a range of effects, including gate reverb, delay, vocal echo, phaser, chorus, symphonic, distortion, pitch change, and more, or use the prefader option.

Each channel offers 3-band EQ, individual gain control, pre-fader monitor send, a peak indicator light, linear fader adjustment, and pan control, allowing users to direct the signal using a stereo setup.

A unique breed of rack mount audio mixer, the Pure Resonance Audio MX9 packs an excess of convenience and functionality into a familiar, easy-to-operate 3U rack-mountable design. This 9-channel rack mount mixer offers enhanced adaptability with a wealth of inputs to accommodate nearly any audio source. The MX9 is perfect for both professional and commercial applications in schools, auditoriums, gymnasiums, conferences, fitness studios, hospitality venues, clubs, houses of worship, mobile/traveling systems, and anywhere in need of mixing an ever-changing variety of audio sources. The Pure Resonance Audio MX9 is a well-equipped analog mixer surpassing what most rack-mounted mixers can offer.

A key feature of the MX9 is its built-in 24-bit DSP effects processor, which allows users to quickly and easily add various effects to their mixes. Preset effects include early reflections, gate reverb, single delay, delay, vocal echo, karaoke, phaser, flanger, chorus, symphonic, tremolo, radio voice, distortion, pitch change, and more. Additionally, this rack mixer with Bluetooth connectivity can wirelessly stream audio from any Bluetooth device. The built-in media player with display screen also supports MP3 files, USB with the sound card function, and USB computer recording.

All 24 Effects: Reverb Hall (1 & 2), Reverb Room (1 & 2), Reverb Stage (1 & 2), Reverb Plate, Drum Ambiance, Early Reflections, Gate Reverb, Single Delay, Delay, Vocal Echo, Karaoke, Phaser, Flanger, Chorus (1 & 2), Symphonic, Tremolo, Auto-Wah, Radio Voice, Distortion, Pitch Change

The MX9 rack mount audio mixer provides nine channels consisting of a broad range of connections for true versatility and professional sound quality. Channels 1-7 each provide an ultra-low-noise studio-grade XLR mic input with 48V phantom power, a 1/4″ TRS line input, and a TRS 1/4″ insert. Channels 8-9 offer a set of unbalanced mono and stereo left and right inputs. The MX9 also provides RCA tape in and recording inputs and outputs, as well as an additional set of front-panel tape in inputs. Each single-channel input features a three-band EQ, individual gain control, pan control, pre-fader monitoring, peak LED indicator light, and linear fader adjustment for optimum signal level.

Mic (XLR) Inputs: (7) XLR jacks

Line Level Inputs: (7) ¼” TRS jacks

Inserts: (7) ¼” TRS jacks

Pre-Fader Listen: Each channel has its own individual PFL switch

Outputs: (1) Set of XLR (L & R), (1) Set of ¼” TRS (L & R), (1) ¼” AUX Out, (1) ¼” FX Out, (1) ¼” Headphone monitor output

Effects: 24-bit DSP Effects Processor

Phantom Power Supply: +48V option (Ch 1-7)

Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz, ± 3 dB

Distortion: <0.003% (A-weighted) Microphone Balance Input Noise: -119 dB (A-weighted) Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 60 dB Single Channel Input Gain: MIC: 0 to 48 dB, LINE: -33 to +15 dB Maximum Output Level: +20 dBu Mic Input High Pass Filter: 75Hz, 18dB/OCT Single-Channel Equalization: High-frequency: ± 15 dB @ 12kHz; mid-frequency: ±12 dB @ 2.5kHz; Low-frequency: ±15 dB @ 80Hz Power: Built-in switching power adapter 110-220V, 30W Power Consumption: ≤23W Dimensions (H x W x D): 9.45" (240 mm) x 19" (483 mm) x 5.51" (140 mm) Weight: 8.82 lbs (4 kg)

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Weight 8.82 lbs
Dimensions 9.45 × 19 × 5.51 in


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