BSS Audio BLU-Link Card For Soundcraft Si Consoles

BLU-Link Card, 32×32, for Soundcraft® Si Consoles

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By adding option cards to the Si range of digital consoles, you can interface your desk with a multitude of analogue and digital systems, whilst expanding I/O count beyond that of the standard console configuration.

Routing to and from the option cards is achieved via the ‘Patching’ functionality on the console. Further cards are always in development and will provide various solutions for interfacing onto emerging networks or devices.

The number of option cards that may be fitted varies by product model, as follows:

Soundcraft Si Compact 1 card
Soundcraft Si Expression 1 cards
Soundcraft Si Performer 2 cards
Soundcraft Si1 1 card
Soundcraft Si1+ 4 cards
Soundcraft Si2, Si2+ 4 cards
Soundcraft Si3, Si3+ 4 cards

USB Interface Compatibility:
PC: Supports Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
Mac: Supports Mac OS 10.7.x Lion through 10.11.x El Capitan

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The MADI I/O card can establish a 64-channel MADI input and output to a remote device such as stage rack, another console or Broadcast feed to an OB. Optical inputs and outputs are provided on SC connectors and are available in single and multi-mode versions. The auxiliary interface can be used as a redundant link. A Cat5 version of the card is also available.
Part Numbers:
Single Mode Optical – 5019983.v
Multimode Optical – A520.001000SP
Dual Cat5 – A520.005000SP

MADI USB Combo *

The Soundcraft® MADI-USB Combo card offers digital audio connection between an Si series console and Apple® Mac® or PC with a USB port as well as any of the Soundcraft range of Stageboxes via Soundcraft’s proprietary Cat 5 MADI connection.
Part Numbers:

* PC Compatibility: the Soundcraft MADI-USB Card supports Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
* Mac Compatibility: the Soundcraft MADI-USB Card supports Mac OS 10.7.x Lion through to 10.11.x El Capitan.


This card allows the desk to digitally feed an Aviom A-Net Pro-16 chain. With this standard, 16 mono signals can be fed to any number of Aviom personal mixers (such as the A-16 II), connected in a daisy chain configuration. The A-Net card will be the start of the chain and provide the audio and synchronization data to the chain.
Part Number:


This card allows sending and receiving of up to 32 audio channels to/from a CobraNet® network. DIP switches on the card allow setting the number of input or output channels seen by the console. Default setting is 32 output and 32 input channels. CobraNet cards used in Soundcraft consoles must operate as the conductor of the CobraNet system.
Part Number:


There are two optional AES/EBU cards:
1. An XLR-based card with 2 pairs of AES/ EBU inputs and outputs (4-in/4-out).
2. A D-Type connector based AES/EBU input/output card with 8 inputs and 8 outputs. A separate BNC connector for wordclock output is provided.
Part Numbers:
AES XLR: – A520.002000SP
AES D-Type: – A520.003000SP

Single-port Cat 5 MADI Card

The single-port Cat5 MADI card needs only one Cat5 cable to run, but redundancy in case of cable failure is not possible.
This card is supplied with the Mini Stagebox when specified.
Part Number:

Dante™ Card

The DANTE card connects to an Audinate DanteTM network, and allows the console to send and receive up to 64 channels in each direction.
Part Number:

BLU link Card

The BLU link card can send and receive 32 channels onto a BLU link bus.
It interfaces with the dbx PMC16 Personal Monitor Controller, and BSS Soundweb devices which have BLU link ports.
Part Number:
Available from BSS Audio

Multi Digital Card *

The Multi Digital card is a great tool to add recording functionality to the Si consoles.
It provides a 32×32 USB interface (PC only), and a 32×32 FireWire interface (MAC and PC). In addition, there are 8 channels of optical ADAT in and out available on the card.
Part Number:

* PC Compatibility: the Soundcraft Multi Digital Card supports Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 and does not currently support Windows 10.
* Mac Compatibility: the Soundcraft Multi Digital Card supports Mac OS 10.6.x Snow Leopard through to 10.11.x El Capitan.

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