Why Laser Projectors?

laser projectors

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Advanced technology has made its way to every industry. It is the reason behind radically innovative devices that boost user experience. One of the technologically advanced products that enhances the viewing experience and unites fantasy and reality is laser projectors.

Projectors are widely used today for various purposes — sometimes to watch a movie, sometimes to present certain statistics, and sometimes to educate children.

SONY laser projectors are especially known for being effective projectors for education. They produce a bigger picture than traditional screens and are highly engaging. The best part is projectors reflect light in contrast to TVs that emit light. Therefore, watching videos produced by projectors is less straining on children’s eyes.

Why are SONY laser projectors THE projectors for education?

Here is why you need to invest in SONY laser projectors and use them in classrooms.

1. They are highly efficient.

Children are often restless in classrooms, and managing them can be challenging. Therefore, educators cannot afford to spend more time fumbling with an inefficient electronic device that does not function properly — you need a highly efficient device that matches your students’ energy!

SONY’s laser projectors are ideal for classrooms, as they get going instantly at the touch of a button. Unlike these swift laser projectors, lamp projectors take time to reach their operating temperature and function effectively. And in a highly energetic classroom with fidgety students, an inefficient, time-consuming device is not ideal. Therefore, SONY’s laser projectors are the right choice.

2. They offer higher picture quality.

SONY projectors offer a wider color gamut, meaning a better color accuracy. On top of that, the laser projectors offer better brightness uniformity, further boosting the image quality. Therefore, these projectors are best suited for classrooms since the vibrancy they offer is fascinating for students.

In addition, laser projectors produce sharp, clear pictures no matter where they are placed, contrary to the lamp-based projects, which produce a scattered and unfocused picture. The defined picture ensures children an enhanced experience and allows them to understand the concepts being taught.

3. They have lower maintenance costs.

The best feature about laser projectors is that they have a lower maintenance cost than lamp-based projectors. In a lamp-based projector, you have to replace the lamp to ensure functionality regularly. This cost eventually adds up when you consider the lifetime cost of ownership. And when you install these projectors in an entire educational institution, the price can be alarming.
In stark contrast, laser projectors require little to no maintenance. Their light sources have a lifespan of over 20,000 hours — as opposed to lamp projectors that last only 3,000-6,000 hours. Therefore, SONY laser projectors are a go-to option for education.

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